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What is Foliar Boost+ (Boost+)?

Boost+ is a liquid plant food that feeds your plant the micro and macro nutrients that it needs for that extra “BOOST” to grow healthy and strong.

What is Boost+ made from?

The nutrients in Boost+ are bio-responsibly derived from animal mortality waste streams that is diverted from landfills.  It is created through the process of alkaline hydrolysis.

How concentrated is Boost+?

Boost+ is so concentrated that 1 gallon can create 256 gallons of plant food at a ½ oz : 1 gallon of water ratio.

What can Boost+ be used on?

Can you burn plants with Boost+?

Yes, Boost+ is so concentrated that if used outside its recommended dosage, it can be too strong for your plants.

How much Boost+ do plants need and how often?

At the recommended dosage of ½ oz: 1 gal, you can use Boost+ as often as needed depending on your plant’s feeding needs.

How can Boost+ be applied?

There are two methods of applying boos plusRoot Wash: Boost+ can be used as a root wash as you water your plants.Foliar Spray: When used as a foliar spray, Boost+ acts as a mold/mildew repellent as well as creating an unfriendly environment to insect

How long can you store Boost+ before it goes bad?

Boost+ concentrate can be stored in an airtight container for years because of its high pH.  Once diluted with water, it can only be stored for a short period of time before it begins to break down and produce odor.

Does Boost+ have an odor?

Due to its organic nature, Boost+ can have a slight odor for a short time. Only add water to Boost+ concentrate when you are ready to apply it and don’t store after it has been diluted to reduce odor.

Is Boost+ safe for use around animals and people?

Yes, Boost+ will not harm animals or people like many synthetic fertilizers because of its organic nature.