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What is Raised Bed Rehab?

Raised Bed Rehab is an organic soil food concentrate enriched with organic carbon, microbes, and naturally derived nutrients to feed plants.

What is Raised Bed Rehab made of?

Raised Bed Rehab is an organic and bio-responsible use of non-composted animal waste and other biomass waste streams which are diverted from landfills. It also contains biochar and beneficial microbes which bring any soil to life.

Is Raised Bed Rehab organic?

All ingredients in RBR are organic. OrganiLock is expecting to have organic certifications on all products in 2022.

Where can I use Raised Bed Rehab?

Raised Bed Rehab is intended to be used for edible gardens, landscapes, flowers, or houseplants.

Can I use Raised Bed Rehab to make my own inexpensive soil?

Yes!, simply mix Raised Bed Rehab with your favorite media to create the media you need. We recommend using an inexpensive soil conditioner made from screened pine bark like this one from Lowes. If you can’t find this product look for something simil

How do I know if I need Raised Bed Rehab?

You can either guess, or you can measure. Most raised beds need to be rehabilitated every year. We highly recommend buying an EC/Nutrition meter to measure the nutrient level in your media/soil mix.

How much Raised Bed Rehab do I need?

When making your own media mix, we recommend mixing one quart of RBR per 1 cu/ft of unfertilized media mix. The amount may need to be adjusted based on your media and application.

How do I use Raised Bed Rehab?

When using RBR in an existing bed, we recommend that you first refill or raise the soil level in the bed or container to the desired height. We use an inexpensive soil conditioner from Lowes made from screened pine bark (Evergreen Organic Drainage an

Can I use Raised Bed Rehab as a top-dress for continued soil feeding?

Yes, we highly recommend using small amounts of RBR throughout the growth cycle to feed the plant regularly. Sprinkle some on the root zone and water it in. Plants (and soil) like to be fed consistently.

Are there microbes in Raised Bed Rehab?

Yes, we add 9 beneficial varieties of microbes to Raised Bed Rehab.

How long can I store Raised Bed Rehab before it goes bad?

If stored in a cool, dry environment RBR will last for years.

Does Raised Bed Rehab have an odor?

Yes. Since it is made from organic materials, there is a natural odor that reduces quickly after it has been watered into the soil. The bag should be kept out of reach of your dog (if you have one). Dogs have been known to open the bag or dig around

Can Raised Bed Rehab burn my plants?

RBR won’t ‘burn’ your plants like synthetic fertilizers will. However, it is possible to over-feed the soil and create plant health issues.