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What’s in Soil Rehab pellets?

Soil Rehab is made from organic biomass waste streams.   It combines factory farm waste (animal and manure) with carbon rich biomass, biochar, and beneficial microbes.

Is Soil Rehab organic?

Yes, Soil Rehab is made from all natural ingredients.

What makes Soil Rehab work?

Soil Rehab fuels microbial activity.  When microbes are well fed, they mineralize (break down) all other available nutrients in the soil and make them available to the plants.

What is in microbe food?

Soil Rehab is a long-lasting reserve of organic carbon and organic nitrogen for the microbes to consume (mineralize) and release to the plants to promote healthy growth.

Will Soil Rehab increase production rates?

Soil Rehab grow tests have shown that production rates are increased due to the rehabilitation of the soil.  Increased microbial activity releases more nutrients to the plants making them more robust and productive.

Where can Soil Rehab be used?

Soil Rehab can be used in any medium that is depleted of carbon or other nutrients needed to grow healthy plants, outdoor and indoor.  Even soilless medium like sand can be transformed into a healthy soil.  As there is some organic odor with this pro

Do you need different types of Soil Rehab for different applications?

No, the same Soil Rehab pellets can be added at the recommended rates to a garden or a multi-acre field.

How does Soil Rehab sequester carbon?

Soil Rehab sequesters carbon in two ways.  First, biochar (sequestered mineral carbon) is produced while processing the ingredients for Soil Rehab.  The biochar is added to Soil Rehab as one of the ingredients and applied to your grow space where it

What are the economic benefits of using Soil Rehab?

The concentration level of Soil Rehab is great enough to rehabilitate a large area with a small amount of product.  For example, 1 pound of Soil Rehab will rehabilitate 50 square feet or ½ ton per acre.  Not only does the price per pound make it econ

What is the shelf life of Soil Rehab?

If kept dry, the ingredients in the original packaging are shelf stable for several years. When water is added the microbes come to life and activate the rehabilitation process.

Is Soil Rehab for real or snake oil?

Too good to be true? The proof is in the results. Soil Rehab tests in Haiti resulted in a productive garden during a season that was formally impossible to grow in due to heat and insects.   Tests using Soil Rehab added to play sand resulted in healt